Christopher Paton-Gay


Mr. Paton-Gay has been active in the oil and gas business in Canada and the United States for nearly four decades, experience that has significant value in his role as GEC’s Operations Manager.

He started his career in natural resources in 1980 when he acquired the operating assets of a small oil and gas producer in Alberta, Canada. From that platform, he built a private company that grew from producing 32 barrels of oil per day to over 5,300. In 1995 he sold the company to Scotia Macleod, a Canadian-based investment advisor that is part of Scotiabank.

In 2006, Mr. Paton-Gay was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Stallion Group. Three years later he merged Stallion with Delta Oil and Gas and becoming the new entity’s Chief Executive Officer and Director

He is a current member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, which is co-sponsored by the Business Faculties of the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. The institute has strong alliances with many major corporations and regulatory authorities including Suncor, Epcor, the Ontario Securities Commission and the British Columbia Securities Commission.

Mr. Paton-Gay holds degrees in commerce, business administration and he has also studied at the University of Paris, University of British Columbia Sauder Business School and the Law Faculty of the University of Calgary. His studies have had a primary focus on the natural resource sector with an emphasis on securities law . He serves on a number of private and not for profit boards of governance.

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